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Online Lessons Now Available

Monday, September 2, 2019 by April Davis | Announcement

In keeping with Davis Piano Studio's mission to remain innovative, I'm excited to announce the availability of online private piano lessons! I'm passionate about music, sharing my gift of teaching piano, and reaching more students and with online private lessons I'll be able to do just that. 

Anyone can take online lessons and the requirements couldn't be more simple. Students need:

  • a piano (or, beginners can start with a 66 key keyboard).
  • a device with camera, sound & an internet connection (smartphone, tablet, laptop). 
  • a quiet area to conduct the lesson.

Online lessons are convenient. They are offered in this studio as a primary lesson method, but also as a backup to my current students.

Students can be more engaged in an online lesson. Online lessons require that the student take more responsibility during the lesson in marking their music and being aware of what measure is worked on. 

It can help students who are a little more shy or reserved. Students remain in an environment where they are comfortable while still receiving top notch education. 

Have you been thinking about starting lessons or enrolling your child in lessons, but the idea of traveling to a teacher's house is keeping you from committing? Let's schedule an audition for you or your child today to see if online lessons is a good fit for you! Email to book your audition today!