Testimonials & Reviews

Look what people are saying about April Davis and Davis Piano Studio:

"April is amazing! We couldn’t ask for a better piano teacher for our 7 year old. April is so patient, encouraging, and kind in every lesson. She thinks about each child individually and tailors the lesson to their needs and interests. We have had lessons with April for the last year and we look forward to many more!" Anne Mims

"Our son started piano lessons with April virtually during the pandemic, and it’s been amazing to see his progress. April is a fabulous teacher because she knows how to engage her students. She’s also very hip about what’s popular with kids which makes them feel relatable. We highly recommend April!" Suzanha Pena

"April is devoted to not only giving students an understanding of music but also skills in life. She can service so many special needs and is patient in doing so." Kate Garrison

"My daughter started in the summer taking lessons from April and by fall she practices voluntarily, she plays amazingly, she has developed such a love for music that she is picking up, playing and tuning other random instruments in the house!! I'm blown away by how fast she is learning and how much she really loves it!!" Christiana Philastre

"April is an awesome teacher! She is very patient, and great with communication so that I know how my son is progressing with his lessons at all times. I highly recommend her!" Julie Anne Sanford

"Piano lessons are going so much better than I had even hoped for! My child sometimes has a difficult time persevering when she isn't immediately good at something. Her instructor has done such a good job of keeping her interested and involved in her goals, I'm thrilled with her progress" Heather Snaman French

"April is passionate, hard working, and friendly. She will help you to achieve your highest musical potential. April cares about people and wants them to succeed." Howard Larsen

"April has been helping others learn and improve their musical skills, including piano, since she was a teenager. Her knowledge and cheerful optimism make learning a rewarding experience." Donna S. Guido

"April is a professional and will make sure you understand so that you will be stronger. Her knowledge has made me a better human!" Angela Charleton